Wedding ring found in Goldfish snack pack

- SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) – It’s not the kind of surprise normally found in a Goldfish snack pack.
But a little girl in South Carolina claims she pulled a prize out of her snack pack. It turned out to be a wedding ring.

"I opened up and I asked my mom, ‘is there supposed to be a ring in here?’" Peyton Postol told a reporter with WPSA TV in South Carolina.

Her mother also took a close look at the prize.

"I took one look and then I took a double take and sure enough it was a real ring," says Stephanie Postol.

Pepperidge Farms makes the Goldfish at two plants across the nation and one is in Richmond, north of Logan.
Good 4 Utah posted the story on Facebook and the reaction soared.

Connie Day wrote: "It looks like my ring I lost 8 years ago. I have gave (sic) up on ever finding it. good luck on finding the owner."

Jason Poppleton added: "I work at Pepperidge Farm in RICHMOND UTAH. I will show this to the cracker production manager."

A spokesperson for the company says they've requested the pack and the ring from the family.

"We're very surprised that it was found in the pack,” says Anna Burr with Pepperidge Farms. “Because we do take it very seriously and we have in place a number of processes to avoid something like this from happening."

Burr says Pepperidge Farms forbids employees from wearing jewelry and gloves must be worn.

"And the other thing is all the packs pass through a very sensitive metal detector,” she says. “So we really want to get the pack back so we can understand how this might have happened."

And while Pepperidge Farms digs through its crackers, back in South Carolina the family wonders about eating Goldfish again.

"We love Goldfish, we eat Goldfish,” says Stephanie Postol. We always have them in our house. But now the thought of them not using gloves or what not, makes me not want to eat it anymore."

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