Violators face hefty fines for starting fires

- SALT LAKE (ABC 4 News) – Federal and state authorities are imposing fines to people caught violating fire restrictions.

Five men were cited by the Utah County Sheriff’s Department after they started the “Little Cove Fire,” which burned about 150 acres near SR 68 and Mile 22.

According to authorities, the men were shooting at illegal explosive targets and sparked the blaze.

Starting wildfires can leave you with a big price tag if you’re caught breaking the law.

Authorities with the State of Utah, Bureau of Land Management and National Forest Service said violating one of their restrictions is considered a Class B Misdemeanor. It includes a fine up to $1,000 and possibly six months of jail time.

The violators may also be responsible for reimbursing the damages caused by the fire, a cost that could run into the thousands.

The restrictions include no open campfires outside designated areas, no smoking, no fireworks and bullets which can spark up flames.

Gas stoves are okay because they can be turned on and off.

The Utah Interagency Fire department said fire restrictions will remain in effect until fire hazards subside.

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