Video: Layton man drives up Utah Capitol steps

- SALT LAKE CITY, (ABC 4 Utah) - Authorities arrested a man inside the Utah State Capitol Tuesday afternoon after he drove up the outside steps, walked inside and tried to get into the Supreme Court.

Authorities said Gerald Weston Green, 36, of Layton is responsible for the bizarre incident.

Utah Highway Patrol said surveillance cameras outside and inside the capitol captured Green driving up the west side steps. Green walked into the first floor of the building and went up the stairs to the second level. He tried to enter the Supreme Court chambers by kicking the doors.

Troopers tried to detain Green, but he refused. One trooper deployed a taler, but Green was wearing loose clothing and the taler was ineffective. Green was tackled to the ground and arrested.

"You don't come into work and expect something crazy like this to happen," Ryan Buck man, an employee at the capitol, said.

Green did not hurt anyone and authorities don't believe he planned to.

The incident brings security measures into question. Capt. Barton Blair with UMP said there is a balance between keeping the capitol safe while still allowing it to be accessible to the public.

"Certainly [the capitol] is accessible to members of the public and that's always going to be a possibility that people with ill intent may want to come up here," Blair said.

Blair said there may be a discussion on whether or not to install barrier poles at the base of the steps to prevent a similar incident in the future.

As of Tuesday night Green was in the hospital being treated for injuries sustained in the fight with authorities. He will likely face several charges for the incident and detectives are investigating if he was under the influence of drugs.

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