Utah women helping sick kids SMILE

- SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) – Two Utah women are hoping to put a lot of smiles on sick kids faces. It involves a lot of warm blankets, a big donation, and a little generosity.

If you listen closely you can hear it. That's the sound of sewing smiles.

"Smile is an acronym for Small Miracles In Life Everyday," said Audrey Matuauto, SMILE blankets co-founder.

Two Utah women are making what they call SMILE blankets, and they're planning to donate them to sick kids at Primary Children's and Shriners Hospitals.

Back in 2011, Kara Huntinghouse's newborn son Mason was in and out of the hospital suffering from an intestinal disease. She remembers how much a donated blanket meant to her.

"So I would go to lunch and come back and he would have this cute new little blanket wrapped around him and it was so exciting for me, it was like a Christmas present, you know?" said Kara Huntinghouse, SMILE blankets co-founder.

To return the favor, Huntinghouse and Audrey Matuauto are hoping to donate hundreds of blankets, most of which are professionally made. But to thread such an idea together, they need to raise roughly $6,000.

"For $20 dollars you can buy one for yourself and one will be donated on your behalf," said Matuauto.

That's what Heather Harding did.

"So when you click on SMILE, it kicks you over to indiegogo.com," said Heather Harding, donated to SMILE blankets.

She made a donation right from her phone.

"I like the concept and wanted to help support them," Harding said.

With only one day left that the SMILE blanket team is allowed to collect donations, Huntinghouse is hoping more people join their cause to make kids hospital stays a little happier.

"When you're in one little room all the time and spend a lot of time in one little area, little things become big," said Huntinghouse.

If you'd like to help, click on this link to SMILE blankets.

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