Utah voter poll shows Swallow's unpopularity

- PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A BYU poll of Utah voters shows negative public opinion surrounding Attorney General John Swallow, as both Republicans and Democrats want the impeachment process to start.

The Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy at BYU fielded a Utah Voter Poll that included a host of questions about the controversy surrounding Swallow. Click here for a link to the full survey questionnaire.

Some of the poll highlights show:

John Swallow’s favorability is extremely low, now sitting at 12% (combining “somewhat” and “strongly” favorable). Less than 2% respond “strongly favorable.”

News of the accusations against Swallow is widespread among voters, and folks who have heard about it overwhelmingly believe that Swallow has committed ethical or legal infractions. 87% of Utah voters have “heard, read, or seen anything recently about the accusations,” and of this group, 34% think Swallow has done something illegal and 63% respond that he has done something unethical. Less than 4% believe that Swallow has done nothing unethical.

Of voters polled, 78% say Swallow should resign and 22% say he should stay in office.

Find the full poll highlights here.

Quin Monson, Director of CSED, said the results show the public is paying more attention.

“There is pretty broad agreement Swallow has done something wrong and they think impeachment proceedings should begin and they think he should resign,” Monson said.

The poll also shows Republicans in large numbers favor impeachment proceedings. Those who do not favor impeachment proceedings want the criminal investigation to be completed first. The results are a sign Swallow’s own party could be turning against him.

“He's in real trouble,” Monson said. There is not a lot of hope if things continue in this direction that it won't end badly.”

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