Utah Supreme Court issues stay on same sex adoptions

- SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) – A new court order is now stopping adoptions in Utah for same sex couples. The Utah Supreme Court is granting a stay on petitions that would've required those adoptions to go through. It’s essentially putting adoptions on pause.

Adoptions for same sex couples in Utah are now officially on hold. Friday night the Utah Supreme Court granted the Utah Attorney General's Office a stay from court orders by district court judges requiring the Utah Department of Health to issue new birth certificates for adopted children of same sex couples.

According to court documents "...orders mandating or authorizing (the Utah Dept. of Health) to issue birth certificates is stayed until the court can address the petitions for extraordinary relief."

ABC 4 Utah is told that means the court order temporarily stops same sex couples in Utah from adopting. The adoption process cannot be officially completed until the child has a new certificate showing the adopting couple as the child's new parents.

In response to Friday night's ruling, the Utah Attorney General’s Office sent out a statement which reads in part:

“Today’s stay indicates that the Utah Supreme Court recognizes the importance of resolving any legal confusion regarding these matters and the Attorney General's Office is encouraged that it will be able to present the Department's full arguments to the Court so that these issues may be resolved to give people who seek adoption and the Department clarity on the issues."

You may have noticed in the ruling, the Court said the stay is only good until it can address this issue. That means the Utah Attorney General's Office and an attorney representing the district judges will have to show up argue their case before the Utah Supreme Court. So far no date has been set for that.

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes was also ordered to appear before one of those district court judges and show why he was blocking these adoptions. This new ruling nullifies that. Now that the state has this stay, Reyes won't be required to show up and show cause as to why the State won't issue birth certificates to same sex couples.

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