Utah rainy pattern reminiscent of severe weather 30 years ago

- SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) – The pattern of wet weather Utah has been seeing lately could be around for a while. Good 4 Utah’s Chief Meteorologist Dan Pope is seeing a weather trend reminiscent of 30 years ago. He sat down with Good 4 Utah's Brian Carlson to explain what it could potentially mean in the coming months.

Rain, hail and even snow, lately summer weather in Utah doesn't feel much like summer.

"Here's where the hurricane center is, but that moisture is being now pushed off and pulled into Arizona and Southern Utah," said Good 4 Utah Chief Meteorologist Dan Pope during a weather cast.

Monday night Good 4 Utah’s Brian Carlson talked with Pope to find out what's going on.

"We're nearly a month into a cooler wetter pattern," said Pope.

He believes Utah's current weather trend is showing signs of Utah in the 1980’s.

"There's a feeling that with these hurricanes being pulled north already in August that September will end up being wetter than normal which would be a precursor to what we had in 1982," Pope said.

That year Utah saw record fall rain and winter snow. It led to the great flood of 1983, where thousands of volunteers in Salt Lake City turned downtown State Street into a makeshift river.

"I wouldn't say that we'd see the flooding that we had in 1983, but we would be setting up a potential for filling the reservoirs," he said.

Pope believes Utah’s stormy pattern could bring a huge lift to the State’s low lakes. If the trend also follows with a wet and cool September, wet October, and average winter snow, like 30 years ago Utah could have more water than it’s seen in a while.

"If we stay wet in September, if we stay wet in October, then that is a good sign, and average to above average winter snow fall, and that's what helps to break the drought," said Pope.

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