Two people arrested in Draper donut scam

- DRAPER, Utah (ABC 4 News) – Police arrested two people in connection with a scheme to gain a settlement from Smith’s grocery store.

Carol Lee Leazer-Hardman, 39, and Michael Condor, 35, are accused of intentionally putting broken pieces of razor blades into store bought donuts and eating them.

Court records state Leazer-Hardman and Condor, each employed at Dollar Tree, took the donuts to work and used pliers to bend off metal edges of the razor. They allegedly put the metal in the donuts and gave one to a co-worker.

The unsuspecting co-worker called police to report the incident last Wednesday. Leazer-Hardman and Condor claimed they were victims too.

Police said the co-worker felt the metal in her mouth and didn’t eat the donut, but Leazer-Hardman and Condor swallowed the food. They were taken to the hospital where x-rays showed pieces of metal in their stomachs.

Detectives found blades, pliers and a partial donut in a garbage can at Dollar Tree.

Sgt. Chad Carpenter with Draper Police said Condor admitted to the scheme during questioning and said he was trying to gain a settlement from Smith’s.

A spokesperson for Smith’s was unavailable for comment. Last week, Smith’s pulled the remaining donuts off store shelves as a precaution, but found no metal in their products.

Leazer-Hardman and Condor are charges with aggravated assault and filing a false report. They are booked into the Salt Lake County Jail.

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