Two men carry out violent bank robbery in Lindon


LINDON, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - The search is on Friday for two violent bank robbers in Lindon. Although no gun shots were fired, police said the robbery was as violent as it gets.

Surveillance cameras captured what Lindon police are calling a violent bank robbery.

"Right from the start it was an intimidation take over of the bank," said Chief Cody Cullimore, Lindon Police Department. 

Just before 12:30pm Friday afternoon two armed men disguised in fake beards and business suits robbed the Am Bank at 144 So. State Street in Lindon. The men carried hand guns, pepper spray and stun guns, and immediately began roughing up the bank clerks. 

"..forcing them to the floor, holding guns to their heads, one of them jumps the counter for no other reason in my opinion than to intimidate the clerk behind it," said Cullimore. 

The Am Bank president said the robbers pepper sprayed one employee in the face, and stunned him three times.  

"Our staff here is, they are shaken. It was a very violent event that took place here today," said Leonel Castillo, Am Bank President.    

Sio Gali and his family live right next door, and couldn't believe all the commotion. 

"I came outside and there are two officers at my back gate," said Sio Gali, Lindon resident. 

Police said the robbers ran away before officers could find them. They hope someone looking at the video/pictures recognizes them.  If you look closely at their clothing investigators said the suits fit the men poorly, they believe the robbers may have bought them from a nearby thrift store.  

"We're hoping that someone who either sells those types of items or is familiar with those individuals, knows anything about this, will be able to give us a call," said Cullimore.  

Police describe the robbers as two men in early 30's or late 20's.  They could be white, light skinned Hispanic or Native American. Both men are between 5'10" to 6' feet tall and both very skinny. They were wearing heavy boots, black wigs, false beards and what appeared to be poorly fitted second hand business suits, ties and dress shirts. 

Officers said they could have escaped in a dark or maroon colored sedan, hatchback, or cross over SUV. 

If you recognize them, call Orem City Police Dispatch at 801-229-7070. 


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