Thousands of photos of Susan Powell taken by father-in-law

- SALT LAKE, Utah (ABC4 News) – Thousands of pictures capture intimate moments where Susan Powell likely thought no one was watching.

The secret photographer is her father-in-law, Steven Powell.

“They are so disturbing,” Anne Bremner, Attorney for Susan’s parents said. “You just think what was Steven Powell thinking?”

Over 4,500 photos were seized from Powell’s Washington home and released by authorities. Bremner said Powell’s obsession ran much deeper than photographs.

“He thought he was going to marry her,” she said. “He would hoard her clothing, her underwear, her dirty underwear. He would collect the strips she waxed her legs with.”

Even more disturbing is what Powell did with the snapshots of Susan.

“He put himself in front of her or interacting with her or having his private parts near her mouth.”

From a parking lot to a bathroom, the photos zoomed in on Susan’s private parts. Bremner said there are thousands of pictures of unknown women taken the same way, including photos Powell took of himself partially naked.

“He would fantasize that she saw him doing things sexually to himself,” Bremner said.

The perverted pictures reveal Powell’s twisted fantasies about his daughter-in-law, but not what became of her.

Bremner believes Powell holds the key. Finding Susan is an answer her parents desperately want.

“They find it troubling,” Bremner added. “They find this disturbing, but they also feel it shows his obsession.”

Powell is in a state correctional facility in Washington serving a 30 month prison sentence of 14 counts of voyeurism. He was convicted of secretly photographing two young neighbor girls in their bathroom from his home.

Susan disappeared in December 9, 2009 and has never been found.

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