The mommy test challenges wannabe parents

- SALT LAKE, Utah (ABC 4 News) – A new test online is challenging parents to determine if they’re ready for parenthood.

The 14 test challenge is spreading across blog sites on the Internet because of its untraditional ways of testing. It makes sure you’re ready for reality if you plan on bringing a bundle of joy into the world.

“I think until you have kids you don’t know what it’s like,” Clair Mellenthin, a mother of three, said.

The test challenges wannabe parents through a series of hilarious challenges, but it’s no joke.

For example, the first test determines your preparation. It tells women to attach a bean bag to them for 9 months. After 9 months, women are allowed to remove 5% of the beans.

Mothers in Salt Lake County said the test is hilarious, but somewhat accurate.

“You come home with this baby and you think you can fit into your old clothes,” Katie Winn, a mother of four, said. “But you’re still wearing maternity clothes after you’ve had a baby.”

Other tests involve alarm clocks and sleepless nights, turning your house upside down to resemble a mess, feeding a swinging melon that represents a baby or traveling to the grocery with a goat to represent a child.

“I have taken all four kids to the grocery store and I’m ready to sell them to pay for groceries,” Winn said jokingly. “It’s horrible!”

However, Winn and Mellenthin each agree motherhood is worth the high and lows.

“It’s worth the adventure and the love that you feel for your children,” Mellenthin added. “There’s nothing that can ever compare to it.”

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