SWAT team responds to suicidal mother in North Salt Lake


NORTH SALT LAKE, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - A SWAT standoff Tuesday night in North Salt Lake made for some tense moments at one apartment complex. A woman with a gun was threatening to commit suicide and her daughter called police for help.  

Seeing the SWAT team out at a quiet North Salt Lake apartment complex Tuesday night had neighbors on edge. 

"Nervous, nervous," said Jill Allen, neighbor. 

"It was a little nerve racking to say the least," said Stephan Allen, neighbor. 

A worried daughter had called police to check on her suicidal mother at the Pebble Creek Apartments at 850 N. and Highway 89 in North Salt Lake. 


"When the officers responded and knocked on the door they were met with an armed female who immediately slammed the door on them," said Craig Black, North Salt Lake Police Chief. 

The woman had a handgun and refused to come out. At one point she actually fired that gun, so far it's unclear why. 

"It does appear that it wasn't intended to hurt her or anyone else," said Black.   

One neighbor that Reporter Brian Carlson talked to said this isn't the first time the woman has had suicidal problems.

"Bumped into her a couple weeks ago and she just opened with her medical history, her depression, bipolar, past suicide attempts," said Allen. 

A police negotiator talked with the woman for nearly an hour, and finally convinced her to give herself up. 

"This is as good as a resolution we can hope for in these situations. They're able to work with a trained negotiator and surrender peacefully," Black said.  


At Last check police tell Carlson the woman is being treated at Lakeview Hospital. Meanwhile, investigators are trying to figure out where the bullet went. 


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