PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - A 25-year-old man from Provo spent the night without food or water stranded in Provo canyon. The Utah County Sheriff's Office search and rescue team worked Thursday night and into Friday morning to get him down from the mountain.

With planes overhead and rescue crews on foot, the search to find a missing hiker lasted several hours.

“It was probably about 6 or 7 o'clock when I was running out of daylight. From there I kind of made some poor choices. I tried to take a shortcut and that's how I got stuck on all those cliffs,” said hiker Ben Heley.

Cliffed out, thirsty, and hungry 25-year-old Ben Heley slept on the mountain overnight and waited for someone to reach him. Utah County Sheriff's Office Lieutenant Wally Perschon says Heley had an uphill battle in front of him.

“It’s very dangerous, a lot of people lose their life in the same situation, especially when it's at night and you slip and you're gone,” said Utah County Sheriff's Office Lt. Wally Perschon

Luckily for Heley, he wasn't injured or too dehydrated. He just had to sit and wait.

“Once it was light, we were able to access the situation and get a plane up there as well to get out to him,” said Perschon.

Seeing the men dressed in reflective green meant the end to a long ordeal.

“I was just finally relieved I was getting out of the mountain. Its no fun being stuck,” said Heley.

Heley admits he didn't know the trail and he wasn't prepared for the unexpected so he didn't have extra water or food. Rescue crews say stay on the trail and always bring a partner.

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