South Jordan votes to remain with the Jordan School District under new agreement


SOUTH JORDAN, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - South Jordan City will not be creating its own school district. It's been a topic of debate for months, but Wednesday night the City Council voted to stick with the Jordan School District. 

The votes are in. South Jordan will not be splitting from the Jordan School District. 

"I'm convinced that economically, and our tax base is stronger to remain with the District," said Dave Alvord, South Jordan City Mayor. 

Wednesday night the South Jordan City Council met at its Community Center to share its review of possibly creating its own school district and hear what people think about it.  

"If you split you're going to have a better school district," said one person.  

"In my opinion the split is feasable," said another.  

"Having gone through a split before I'm well aware of the attention and focus that takes off education," said a third person.   

Although opinions are mixed, the City Council unanimously feels they're better off staying with the Jordan School District. City leaders believe they can resolve their issues with the District by creating what they call an inter-local agreement.  

"Make it more available to the Mayors to attend meetings, it gives us a 5 year plan for schools, it tells us which schools are going to be built when and where," said Alvord.  

A representative from the District board attended Wednesday night's meeting and is encouraged with the new deal. 

"We needed something that will allow everyone to work together and this will help us work together," said Kayleen Whitelock, Jordan School District Board. 

The Mayor believes this is the right move for his city. 

"I think this inter-local agreement is a step in the right direction, I think it's going to increase the quality of education for the kids of South Jordan," said Alvord.  

Once the City Council signs the agreement, the District will have to do the same thing.  ABC 4 Utah is told that could happen at the latest by the end of the week. Then this new deal for South Jordan to be more involved in Jordan School District proceedings goes into effect immediately. 


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