SLC Police announce new Organized Crime Unit

- SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – The Salt Lake City Police Department has created a new unit to fight organized crime.

The group is called the Organized Crime Unit. It focuses on illegal activity such as prostitution, high end gambling and transportation of alcohol across state lines.

In a radio interview posted online, Chief of Police Chris Burbank said the group replaced the Vice Squad because that organization became a back door way of making arrests.

He wants the new organization to be up front about the way they do business.

He believes if his officers impact the demand, they will reduce the supply, making city streets safer.

Residents support the organization’s efforts.

“We hope that we live in a utopia, but obviously that’s not true,” Eric Vawdrey said. “Anytime that you have a stronger police presence even if it’s maybe a little more hidden that you’re used to that’s a good thing.”

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