SLC approves streetcar in Sugarhouse

- SALT LAKE CITY, (ABC 4 News) – A vision for Salt Lake City to install a streetcar in Sugarhouse got a green light by city council members Tuesday night.

By a 4 to 3 vote, the streetcar is planned to run north on 1100 East from 2100 South.

The city spent three years and $150,000 on a study to look at the impact on the area. The research showed 1100 East was the best route, as opposed to a route that continued East on 2100 South.

The city said the streetcar will slow down the increase in congestion by allowing people to use other means transportation. They also believe it will improve the air quality by having fewer cars on the road.

Hundreds of emails, texts and calls poured into the City Council, along with petitions against the development of a streetcar in the Sugarhouse area.

“I’m disappointed the city council did not listen to the public outcry,” Carmen Robinson, a Sugarhouse resident said.

Some small shop owners fear their businesses would die, but the city council said they will work with businesses to ensure that doesn’t happen.

The streetcar project is still three to five years from being constructed. The city said project will move forward if it does not impact traffic mitigation, emergency vehicle response times, the preservation of trees and adequate cycling routes.

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