Sister claims family covered up brother's role in Kiplyn Davis murder

9/24/2014 - FARMINGTON, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A family feud is leading to allegations of a cover up in a high profile murder case.

In 1995 Kiplyn Davis disappeared. Her body has never been found. Several suspects were arrested in connection with her death. David Rucker Leifson was one of those. In 2008, he was sent to prison for perjury.

Now his sister is accusing family members of covering up Leifson’s involvement.

"Having your child taken and not knowing what happened to them or where they are it's my worst nightmare, says Nicole Leifson.

And while she doesn't offer proof, she says her brother and father acted suspiciously after Davis disappeared in 1995.

Her dad, David Leifson was in court Wednesday after Nicole sought a protective order against him. A judge denied her request.
Afterwards, Rucker Leifson's two brothers defended him.

"There's no proof of involvement,” says Zach Leifson. “You look at why he went to prison it had nothing to do with his involvement. Just because he lied it wasn't lying about her disappearance.”

But Nicole Leifson says her family refuses to hear the truth.

"Definitely a code of silence,” she says. “There always has been."

Her brothers say Nicole is off base with these allegations.

"So many people get hurt in the aftermath and in the wake of all these claims that are unsubstantiated that could never possibly be proven because they are untrue," says Danny Leifson.

But Nicole Leifson, like Kiplyn Davis' parents only want answers and believes her brother is sitting on information.

"There is nothing that a parent can go through that's worse than what they have gone through," she says.

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