Search contines for man who threatened girl with gun

- SANDY, Utah (ABC 4 News) – The search continued Monday for a man who broke into a Sandy home and threatened an 11-year-old girl with a gun.

In the 911 tape released Saturday, it is clear the girl is scared and still shaken by the experience. She ran to a neighbor’s house before the man could harm her.

Below are excerpts taken from the telephone call with a dispatcher:

Dispatcher: Do you know what kind of gun it was?

Girl: It was a pistol. It was in his hand. He was pointing it at me.

Girl: I was inside my house on the couch watching tv.

Dispatcher: And he went into your home?

Girl: Uh huh

Dispatcher: Did he say anything to you?

Girl: Um, I went to grab my phone and he told me not to.

Dispatcher: You went to grab your phone and he told you not to?

Girl: Yeah, I was home alone.

Dispatcher: Which direction did he go, do you know? North, south, east or west?

Girl: Um, I wasn't paying attention. I just ran.

Girl: He was still in my house and I went to the neighbors and they weren't there so I went to the next person down.

The suspect is described as a middle aged African American man with braids in his hair. He was last seen on the 9200 block of South Quail Drive wearing dark clothing.

If you have any information about the crime, contact the Sandy Police Department.

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