Saratoga Springs braces for more thunderstorms

- SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah (ABC 4 News) – The sound of thunder is a warning people living in Jacob’s Ranch do not want to hear.

Mindy Green’s house was damaged by a mudslide last week. She worries about the threat of future storms in her neighborhood.

“It’s nice when you look down and there is not a wall of water coming down the street,” Green says.

Monday’s weather posed a threat for another mudslide. Green’s 9-year-old son, Hunter, worries his house will be damaged again.

“I was afraid the mud was going to come into the main part of our house and flood everything,” he says.

Hunter is a member of the third grade football team, Westlake Thunder. His team is helping clean the damage to the house.

“We want these kids to be more than football players and students,” Coach Gabe Lee says. “We wanted to do something nice for our teammate.”

Volunteers are spread throughout the Jacob’s Ranch subdivision. Each church ward in the city has adopted a house that was affected by last week’s floods.

The volunteers spent Monday afternoon laying down sandbags on the sidewalks and helping people repair their basements.

Despite the damage Mother Nature has caused, the Green family says she is not the enemy.

“I think she loves us,” Russell Green said. “We’re coming together as a community and everything is going to be okay.”

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