San Diego Comic Con suing Salt Lake Comic Con

- SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) – A sci-fi and fantasy powerhouse is coming after the Salt Lake's Comic Con. The San Diego Comic Con is suing Salt Lake over the Comic Con brand.

Salt Lake Comic Con is under attack. Utah organizers are now facing a lawsuit from their California competition. On Thursday the people behind the San Diego Comic Con filed a legal complaint saying that Salt Lake –

"...engaged in continuous acts of trademark infringement and unfair competition... and have caused injury to SDCC..."

They claim the name “Comic Con” belongs to them, and when Salt Lake Comic Con uses it, it's either “identical or confusingly similar” to San Diego, and because of that it's hurting the San Diego Comic Con brand.

Salt Lake organizers don't buy it.

"We did our research on the trademark and determined without a doubt that Comic Con is a generic term, we have lots of evidence to support that,” said Bryan Brandenburg, Salt Lake Comic Con Co-Founder.

Salt Lake Comic Con Co-Founder Bryan Brandenburg said San Diego wants him to come up with another name and stop confusing people. Salt Lake organizers recently drove an Audi R8 decked out with Salt Lake Comic Con logos and drove it around Southern California during the San Diego Comic Con convention. The lawsuit said of it, quote:

"Defendants intended to create a false association between the Salt Lake Comic Con Convention and the Comic-Con Convention, or to suggest that SDCC sponsored, endorsed or was otherwise affiliated with the Salt Lake Comic Con Convention. Neither is true."

Brandenburg said he believes what this is really about, is San Diego feels threatened by Salt Lake's success.

"We ended up having our FanX Convention as the same weekend as their Wonder Con in Los Angeles and we had quite a bit more attendance," said Brandenburg.

Utah organizers said regardless of what happens with the lawsuit in next 30 days, the Salt Lake Comic Con will go on. It's scheduled for September 4th - 6th. Salt Lake said San Diego legally can't stop it from happening.

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