Salt Lake pushes bike safety with more cyclists on road

- SALT LAKE (ABC 4 News) – With bicycling becoming more and more popular, ABC 4 News is breaking down what you need to know to avoid an accident.

Salt Lake City officials are pushing bike safety. According to City Transportation Planner Colin Quinn-Hurst, there was a 27% increase in bicyclists last year.

The city just launched a new website called It is a resource for cyclists with routes and safety tips.

Here are the top five safety tips:
• Follow the rules of the road
• Be predictable
• Be visible
• Be alert
• Wear proper safety equipment.

Carrie Zoaretz, a cyclist in Salt Lake, says she has close calls almost every time she is on her bike. She says drivers think they’re going faster than her on the road.

“Those are my close calls when people think they can beat me through the intersection,” Zoaretz added.

According to Quinn-Hurst, about 89% of crashes between cars and bikes happen at intersections.

Still, riding your bike becomes safer when other bikers and cars share the road with you.

“You wouldn't expect this, but accidents decrease overall with more cyclists on the road,” Quinn-Hurst said.

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