Salon Express nail stamp kit


SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News)- Women pay a lot to make their nails look nice, and a new nail salon kit claims it can create salon looks without spending a fortune.

The Salon Express looks simple enough and ABC4’s intern Whitney Thomas decided to give it a try.

The kit says any type of polish can be used. Whitney painted on a clear base coat, hoping it would help make her designs really pop.  

Next, the directions said to paint the polish on any design and then quickly scrape off the excess polish. This is when she ran into her first problem. As Whitney scraped the polish, it all came off.. Even after multiple attempts of adding more polish and scraping,  it still all came off.

Next, Whitney attempts a new technique. She gently skims the top with the scraper so there is still polish on the design. But once she stamps the design onto her nail, she is not pleased.

“It looks like my sister painted my nail,” says Whitney.

No matter what she tried, nothing seemed to work. As she was reading through the directions again, she noticed in very small fine print that there was a fine detail she had missed. She needed to peel off the blue film on both sides of the design plates.

With the film off, Whitney tries again and is pleasantly surprised with the results. 

“I would give this product a B. With some practice, I think it will be easier” says Thomas.

After practicing for a while, the results looked  better but never looked like something you would get at a nail salon.

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