Pheromone party guests sniff out a partner

- Los Angeles, CA (ABC 4 News) – A new trend in meeting your soul mate focuses on using your nose to sniff out a partner.

It comes down to an innate belief that we are not only physically attractive, but biologically attractive by our own natural scent. The scent we release, or pheromone, may trigger an emotional reaction in another person and therefore make you desirable.

Pheromone parties are catching the attention of singles who are fed up with online dating and blind dates. 

Here is how the party works:

Guests sleep in a clean, white, cotton T-shirt for three nights in a row. This allows the shirt to capture their odor print. Guests then bring the shirt in a plastic Ziploc bag to the party.

Bags are labeled pink for girl, blue for boy. Each bag is assigned a number. Only the guest knows what their shirt’s number is.

Bags are placed on a table. Guests smell the bags at their leisure throughout the party.

If a guest finds the smell attractive, they take a picture with the bag at a photographer station. These pictures are projected as a slide show on the wall at the party.

If you see a picture of a guest you find attractive holding your number, this is the green light to talk to them.

At the end of the party, a Facebook album is created and all of the pictures are tagged - so if you missed your match at the party, you can still contact them.

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