Park City School District considers later start times, new school

 PARK CITY, Utah (ABC 4 UTAH) - When your alarm goes off do you hit the snooze button a few times? For parents, it's even harder to get the kids up and ready for school.  Park City School District is considering pushing back start times.
Changing school start times is just one piece of a much larger puzzle of possible changes at the Park City School District.  The domino effect of those changes is what's still up for debate.

"I would always look forward to late start on Wednesdays and I don't think a later start time is a bad thing necessarily," said Park City High School Senior Nixon Barber.

For Park City High School Senior Nixon Barber, the thought of getting to school an hour or so later would be helpful.  Research proves, kids need more time to sleep to continue their growth and their brains don't wake up until later in the morning. But surprisingly, when this topic was brought up three years ago...

"Really the students weren't in favor of it because many of them had jobs or sporting activities or siblings they needed to take care of," said Park City School District Superintendent Dr. Ember Conley.

Whatever time he gets to class, Nixon says it's full of students and growing.

"I've had classes this year at 32 or 34 kids and it's a lot for a class," said Barber.

"We're coming out of a recession, we have an excellent school district so our buildings have reached capacity," said Dr. Conley.

It's about four times the growth than the district anticipated. So now they're thinking of opening a brand new building for fifth and sixth graders.

"Most school districts take two to three years to look at building a building. We're on a condensed schedule and by June we're looking at having something to present to the board," said Dr. Conley.

A new school and new, later start times means more costs.  About $600,000 dollars up front for more buses.  Then $150,000 to 200,000 in maintenance and bus driver salaries.  With so much going on, Superintendent Dr. Ember Conley wants everyone to have a voice.

"We're asking individuals to contact school board member and my self and there's going to be some student interest groups," said Dr. Conley.

All of these possible changes are not written in stone.  There's a school board meeting Tuesday night and next week to discuss changes like all day kindergarten or school re-alignment.  Those meetings are open to the public.  There's a master plan workshop april 22nd at 5pmopen to the public.  The meetings are televised for those in Summit County.

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