Parents concerned after bounce house takes flight and critically injures two kids

SOUTH GLENS FALLS, NEW YORK (ABC 4 Utah) – Two boys are in the hospital in New York after a bounce house takes flight. On Monday an inflatable playground turned into a house of horrors when the wind picked it up and carried it into the air.


Three kids were inside the bounce house when it got picked up by the wind and soared, some say, as high as 50 to 60 feet above the ground.


Witnesses Taylor Seymour told a local New York television station, "I look out and I see the bouncy house go up, and then it spun, and the first little boy came out, landed in the middle of the road right there, and the other little boy was the one I saw. He came down and hit his head off the back of my car right there, and then he landed on the ground."


The five and six year old boys were both airlifted to the hospital with serious injuries. One had to be placed into a medically induced coma.


After the boys were thrown from the house, it continued to travel hundreds of feet.


When the owner of Utah Bouncy Houses saw the pictures he couldn't believe his eyes.


Jason Carter told ABC 4 Utah, "I wondered if they staked them down first of all."


Witnesses say they saw the owners of the bounce house put it up correctly.


Stephanie Hansen said, "I actually watched the fellow put it up, and he staked it and he did everything correctly."


Carter says no way. Even after you stake a bouncy house in, he says the safety rules state if the wind picks up you've got to shut the bouncing down.


"We tell people that if the wind picks up to 10 to 15 miles an hour it's a good idea to get the kids out of there and shut them off,” explained Carter. “If the wind calms down they can turn them back on.”


As big as these bounce houses are, and even with small children inside, Carter says they can be blown around and in this case picked up by the wind.


"This one weighs less than 300 pounds and it has a lot of surface area so it can take off real quick,” said Carter.


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