Organization helps lost animals from Wood Hollow Fire

- SANPETE COUNTY, Utah (ABC 4 News) – Animals in Sanpete County have been left grazing on charred ground after the Wood Hollow Fire burned through their homes.

Jamee Wheelwright, with Wag-N-Train, a dog rescue group, said she is trying to help the animals displaced by the fire.

Lost horses have been corralled at an arena in Mt. Pleasant. At one time, the area held about 30 to 45 horses.

“Families were able to identify the horses and they have been picked up,” Wheelwright said. “The ones left are from families that haven’t been able to identify them yet.”

The organization is gathering food and money for cats, dogs, chickens, horses, and cattle.

Over 200 sheep and 11 horses died in the fire. The surviving animals have been left grazing on charred ground with no feed.

Wheelwright said their goal is to keep the lost animals of the Wood Hollow fire healthy.

“We are really happy to have the response we've had from the community,” Wheelwright added. “It's good to know people have your back when you really need it.”

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