Off-Duty Officer Foils Alleged Robbery Plan

WEST JORDAN, Utah (ABC 4 Utah)- An off duty police officer foils a planned bank robbery in West Jordan. Casey Davies is a 13-year veteran of the force.  He says he walked into the bank at 3700 W & 7800 S and felt like something was just not right.  He called for back up and then found the man with a gun and a note demanding money.

Parker was walking out of the Mountain America Credit Union in West Jordan as off-duty Cottonwood Heights police officer Casey Davies was walking in.

“We made eye contact and something just told me something was wrong.  Either something just happened in the bank or was about to happen,” said Davies.

Long enough for the police veteran to know something about Parker was a bit off.  So he watched him walk out of the credit union and then in and out of multiple stores in Jordan Landing.


“He walked in and out of Zupas, in Ledgers, into Radio Shack.  He would walk in and two seconds later…out. Just his behavior was not all there,” said Davies.

Parker eventually took a seat at a picnic table outside of Wendy’s when officers approached him and found out his suspicious behavior was a plan to rob a place.

“I found out after that we were casing the place he had a gun and note asking for money,” said Davies.

If not the credit union, Officer Davies says it could have been any one of the businesses.

“It was just a matter of time before he got the courage up to go do it. And then it would have happened,” said Davies.

Officer Davies is making a habit out of doing this.  About two years ago, he arrived at a bank robbery already in progress and he arrested one of the suspects. 

Parker remains in jail facing several charges.

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