SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah)- The Utah Democratic Party now has a new man at the helm.  His name is Peter Corroon.  State Senator Jim Dabakis resigned from the post last month.  Now, former Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon takes over as chairman.

"You eat an elephant one bite at a time so we're starting one bite at a time," said Utah Democratic Party Chairman Peter Corroon.

The elephant in that metaphor being the Utah Republican Party.  It's a tall order for the new chairman of the democrats.  Peter Corroon left the public spotlight for one year.  You'll remember him as the Mayor of Salt Lake County and a gubernatorial candidate.  But he's back now because he says the party and the state needs help, especially as the Swallow-Shurtleff saga continues.

"I think we've seen some misdeeds in the Attorney General's Office and they say power corrupts an absolute, power corrupts absolutely. When you have one party in power then they think they can get away with things if there isn't a check and balance against them," said Corroon.

But Corroon admits creating a balance of democrats and republicans in the state is an uphill battle that he says he's ready to tackle.  In his new role, his plan is two-fold.

"It's just a matter of time. As our state gets more diverse with the Hispanic community and LDS young voters out there we will see a change politically in the state of Utah," said Corroon.

Target those two groups and head outside the party's usual area.

"My idea is a 29 county strategy which will really focus on outside of Salt Lake County and going to other counties where we don't even have a Democratic Party. So we need to get out and take the message to the people," said Corroon.

And maybe some national star political star power could help.  Getting the National Democratic Convention to Salt Lake will take some major funding and support.

"So it does take a lot of money but I think it would be a great message for democrats to say we're going to have it here in a very republican state," said Corroon.

Corroon was elected Saturday so he hasn't had the chance to go to the Utah Democratic Headquarters to meet the staff.  He says that's on the top of his agenda.

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