Neighbors react to woman killed in West Valley City

- WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) - A 21-year-old woman was killed at the Lexington Park Apartments Friday afternoon in an officer-involved shooting.

Authorities said Danielle Misha Willard died during an investigation involving two West Valley City police detectives. Willard is from the Vancouver, Washington area, but was currently in Utah.

Authorities have not said what her involvement was in the investigation.

The crime scene was an unpleasant sight for neighbors who live near the Lexington Park Apartments.

"It's just really a horrible thing to happen and especially so close to where my kids live," Jennifer Gillespie said.

Alisha Tondor lives in an apartment near the crime scene.

"There's a dead body 200 feet away from me and I don't even know who it is," Tondor said. "It could be my neighbor for all I know."

Tondor was frustrated with police being tight lipped.

"I realize it's the police and they can't release of information until they investigate, but at the same time, I live here. I need to know something," she said.

An officer told Tondor not to worry, but it didn't ease her or her neighbor's concerns.

"It's really kind of a scary place," Gillespie said. "A lot goes on. A lot of illegal things, crazy things."

The women want a peaceful neighborgood, but know it may not be the last time they see a police presence.

" It was just shocking to see so many police cars out in front of my apartment complex," Tondor added. "We've had ocassional people come through, but nothing like this."

Willard was in a white subaru before she died. She crashed the car into another vehicle at the complex. 

The passenger window of her car was broken, but authorities have not yet released where Willard was shot.

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