Millennial generation defined

- SALT LAKE (ABC 4 News) – The millennial generation is changing the face of our country, according to studies of young adults.

Millennials are made up of people born in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The women that make up this generation are a far cry from generations past.

A new HBO series, “Girls,” follows the lives of four young women who possess certain personality traits most common with that of a millennial.

Millennials have become the focus of mainstream media and characterized in eight ways:

They’re spenders, meaning they are more likely to spend cash on big purchases without thinking of the consequences.

They’re broke because they were hit hard by the recession and struggle to make ends meet.

They’re natural entrepreneurs with desires to start their own businesses as opposed to joining a large corporate organization.

They’re socialists, which is evident in the Occupy Wall Street movement and anti-corporate government movement.

They’re narcissistic enough to care mostly about their success, wealth and image to the public than their elders are.

They’re politically engaged as seen in the last presidential election in which President Obama aimed a large part of his campaign at young voters.

They’re less religious than their parents are. A new study shows college-age Millennials are increasingly moving away from their religion their parents may have taught them and instead of unaffiliated with any specific faith.

They’re stressed out due to the pressure of work, money or debt issues and relationship problems. Yet, Millennials are more likely to use meditation and yoga as a stress reliever than older generations.

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