Investigators: witnesses in human trafficking case threatened

- SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) – A man accused of human trafficking is now accused of ordering witnesses to clam up.
Investigators say Victor Rax has avoided jail in the past because he threatens his victims.
Rax who lived in Salt Lake City’s west side is accused of human trafficking by giving undocumented boys drugs, sexually abusing them and turning them into his drug pushers.
Investigators call him evil. Neighbors know him as a mean man.

“He was a very rude individual,” says Kristi Nunez who lives next door. “He wasn't friendly. You tried to talk to him and he was just rude to you.”

And now, his brother Victor Alfredo Rax-Chun is behind bars for allegedly helping him out.
According to jail records Rax-Chun "contacted the witness...and threatened the witness not to testify."
The documents claim Rax-Chun admitted he "had him (witness) come over to his house."

“It shows just what he's willing to do,” says Nunez.

Rax-Chun's wife came to Tony Yapias, a community activist seeking help and advice. At times Victor Rax would stay at their house.

“For one thing, she didn't know what the heck he was doing,” says Yapias.

Neighbors claim they never saw any Latino boys come to the second house where the brother and his wife live.
But at Rax's other home, neighbors told Nunez about seeing those boys.

“I can't see that side of the house, that's the way he was taking them in,” says Nunez.

And inside the home Rax allegedly abused the boys. Yapias met the families of the victims.

“They called him “tio,” an uncle,” says Yapias. “So when Uncle Rax came by or Uncle Victor came by, the kids had to go. Sometimes they'd be gone for days. Some of these parents didn't know what was happening."

Yapias also says many of the families did learn of what was happening but failed to report it because they were undocumented and Rax allegedly threatened them.

“When you have somebody like him who is very intimidating, very threatening to hurt not only the kids but their families, you can understand why the fear was there,” says Yapias.

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