Inside look into job dangers of a UHP trooper

- SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 News) - Utah Highway Patrol officers said an accident involving a sergeant is a reminder to be cautious and situationally aware on the road.

Sergeant Chris Dunn was responding to a car accident in Parley's Canyon Wednesday when he was struck by a utility truck. The driver of the utility truck was allegedly looking down at the time he hit Dunn.

Dunn's four fingers were severed from his left hand and his thumb was injured. Dunn remained in surgery as of Wednesday night where doctors were attempting to reattach his fingers and regain function to his hand. Dunn's left forearm was also injured in the accident.

"We can't afford to have troopers hit," Lieutenant Steven Winward said. "We can't afford it."

ABC 4 News rode along with Utah Highway Patrol trooper Grant Highland. He has had some close calls, including a sergeant getting hit behind his car at the scene of an accident.

"When something like that happens my family goes through my mind," Highland said.

He said getting hit by another car is the most dangerous thing about pulling someone over.

"It's scary," he said. "We deal with that everyday, people not pulling over."

Utah law requires drivers to slow down or move over when they approach emergency vehicles on the side of the road. Drivers are also required to switch lanes when an emergency vehicle responding to an accident is driving in the far left lane of the highway.

"Move over because we all want to get home safely," Highland said. "Including me."

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