Injured wildlife officer: My recovery is "miraculous"

- SALT LAKE, Utah (ABC 4 News) – Wildlife Officer Brody Young got emotional as he talked about his recovery from being shot nine times nearly two years ago in Moab.

“Those moments in the hospital were precious, but terrifying,” Young said. “My recovery was miraculous.”

Young was the guest speaker for a Workers’ Compensation event in Salt Lake on Wednesday.

He said the organization tremendously helped his family in their time of need.

Young was on a routine patrol near Moab in November 2010. He approached what appeared to be an abandoned car. A man in the back seat started firing shots at Young.

Young was shot nine times all over his body. He fired back, but the gunman escaped into the canyons.

Young spent a month medically sedated in a Colorado hospital. He has since had a miraculous recovery.

“My muscles had atrophied to the point where I could walk or stand up,” Young said.

Young spent months in physical therapy, pushing through days where he wanted to give up. He never thought he’d be able to lift his left arm again or even return to work, but he has.

“The first time I put on uniform on I was pretty nervous,” Young said.

He said time has helped to heal the wounds and memories, yet he still wishes to find the man who shot him.

“I’m not angry,” Young added. “It would just be great to close the case and have some finality to it.”

The suspected shooter, Lance Arellano, is one of America’s Most Wanted. It is unclear if Arellano is dead or alive. Authorities have never found him.

Anyone with information on Arellano’s whereabouts is asked to call their local authorities.

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