Hero recounts rescue of Syracuse family

- SYRACUSE, Utah (ABC 4 News) - William Barger leaped into action the moment he saw flames billow from his neighbor's garage on Friday at about 6:30 p.m.

He ran to the Skinner's home at 3950 West Baltimore Circle.  "I just busted right through the door and scared the heck out of Mrs. Skinner.  She jumped off her couch," Barger said.  "I told her your house is on fire.  Get your kids.  Let's get out.  Hurry! Hurry!" he continued.

Stephanie Skinner said, "I honestly was a little frightened.  It took me a couple of seconds to realize who had come through my door."

She noticed a faint smell of smoke, but decided it was nothing because there was no unusual sound or commotion coming from any other part of the house.  In reality, electricity had just arched from along the plug to her freezer in her garage. 

A fire wall and about four feet of space was all that separated the place she was sitting in the living room from the uncontrollable blaze burning in the garage.  

Stephanie's son heard Barger bust through the door as he was cleaning in his bedroom.  "Someone was yelling hurry up and get out of the house because your garage is on fire," he recalled hearing.

He quickly ran out of the house with his two other siblings, his mother and William Barger.  The Skinner's home was fully engulfed in flames moments after they evacuated. 

"If it wasn't for him at least one of us would have some burns," said Bradley. 

The Skinner family is thanking Barger for their lives. Police are calling Barger a hero, and plan to honor his as such.

"It feels good.  I'm glad I can help," he said.

The Skinners are staying in a hotel until they can rent another home in their neighborhood.  They're talking with insurance adjusters and say they may rebuild their home, which may be a total loss.

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