Heber City student arrested for hit list

- HEBER CITY, Utah (ABC 4 News) – A teenage boy is behind bars after he was caught with a hit list of students he wanted to kill at his middle school.

According to Heber City Police, the incident happened at Rocky Mountain Middle School on Wednesday.

Sergeant Jeremy Nelson with Heber City Police said a 14-year-old boy created the list. He titled it, “People I want to kill.” The list named six classmates as targets.

Police said a teacher spotted the note and notified school administration. Authorities arrested the 8th grader and booked him into a juvenile detention facility in Utah County.

Students and parents said they were not notified of the incident.

“It kind of gives me chills thinking that one of my friends could be on the list,” Lexi Sulser, a 13-year-old student said.

Authorities believe the boy and the classmates named on the list had been bullying each other.

Lexi Richins, another student, was shocked to hear about the hit list.

“It makes me feel really scared to know that I could be in school with a person that could hurt me and my friends and teachers,” she said.

Her father, Casey Richins, said he is friends with the principal at Rocky Mountain Middle School. He said the principal has no tolerance for bullies and would have put an end to the behavior if he knew about it sooner.

Wasatch School District Superintendent Terry Shoemaker said the school met with the families of the six students named on the list to explain what happened. He said letters were not sent out to other parents because the district handled the situation with specific families and no longer felt there was a threat.

Heber City Police are investigating to find out if more students may have been targets and whether or not the teen intended to carry out his plan in the future.

The boy is charged with six counts of harassment and six counts of threatening a life.

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