Former police officer found murdered

- SANDY Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A former Salt Lake City police officer was murdered in his home.
Sandy City police say 63-year old Kevin Meik was found dead Wednesday but a day later confirmed he was murdered.

“We first thought it was self-inflicted,” says Sgt. Jon Arnold of Sandy City police.

Meik was known to have heart problems and Arnold says his family became concerned with his well being.
They contacted a neighbor who notified police.
Arnold says when the neighbor knocked on Meik’s door no one answered.

“When the neighbor went in he saw Mr. Meik in a bedroom,” says Arnold. “There was a gunshot wound.”

Arnold wouldn’t say what detectives found that turned it from a suicide to a murder investigation.

"There was evidence there that would lead us to believe that it was not self-inflicted and so we're not releasing that information at this point," he says.

Meik spent 14 years as a Salt Lake City police officer and was retired.

“There is nothing that leads us to believe that this had anything to do with his prior employment,” Arnold says.

Neighbors say Meik kept to himself but at times offered a helping hand.

“He was really nice,” says Michelle Smith who lives two doors down. “He seemed to be pretty caring he would snow blow the walks.”

Police say Meik had health problems and there was no sign of someone barging in. Investigators are looking at those two angles.

“It would lead us along that belief that it was an acquaintance,” says Arnold. “It was someone he possibly was familiar with."

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