Former hospital worker sent to prison for molesting young patient

- SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) - David Jensen's attorney says the 23-year old wanted to become a pediatric surgeon.
But instead Jensen will now be on Utah's sex offender registry.
Jensen who was a medical technician at Primary Children’s Hospital pleaded guilty to sexually molesting an eleven year old boy who was recovering from brain surgery.

“These last few months, I've cried myself to sleep remembering what I did and the pain that I caused,” Jensen told the judge prior to sentencing Wednesday.

His attorney Brenda Viera was hoping Jensen's credentials would help him avoid prison. During Wednesday’s sentencing Viera said Jensen worked his way through college earning a nursing assistance degree, owned a home, all before he turned 22. Jensen recalled making a vow to himself after helping a young boy who was also hospitalized.

“That night I made a promise to myself that I would do everything I could to help all the families I could so that they could and feel better and safe while they are there in the hospital.” Jensen said. “I know I failed with that promise.”

But Salt Lake County prosecutor Kimberly Crandall said a hospital is considered a safe place especially for children and Jensen broke that trust.
The victim's parents demanded Jensen serve prison time saying their son has been devastated.

"My son's life has changed forever from that one night,” the boy’s mother told the judge. “There needs to be consequences.”

Jensen admitted to fondling the boy not once but twice and while the boy's father was in the same hospital room sleeping.

“I want the victim's family to know I'm sorry for breaking that promise I made, for causing so much pain,” he said.

Judge Deno Himonas said he was struggling to hand out punishment.
But in the end he said the crime outweighed mercy.
Jensen pleaded guilty to counts of attempted aggravated sex abuse. He will serve three-years to life for each of the charges and they are to run consecutive.

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