Flying Aces aerial show now open Saturdays in Park City

- PARK CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – If you and the family are looking for something fun to do this holiday weekend, you may want to head to Park City on Saturday. The Utah Olympic Park is putting on its Flying Aces All-Star Aerial Pool Show. For the entire month of July you can now see the show each Saturday. Just to make it sure it's a good time, Reporter Brian Carlson took a camera crew to Park City to check it out.

"High flyin’ coming at ya, here comes the boom! Boom!" said an announcer.

When it comes to sky high skiing stunts, the Utah Olympic Park in Park City puts on quite a show.

Starting Saturday and every following Saturday in July, you can see some of the best aerial athletes in the world hit the air.

"What's your go to trick?

“Full double full full,” said Mike Rossi, Freestyle Aerial Skier.

“What's a full double full full?” Reporter Brian Carlson asked.

“It's a quadruple twisting triple back flip with two twists in the second flip,” said Rossi.

“I can't even say that, I can't imagine you doing it,” said Carlson.

“Ya it's pretty wild," said Rossi.

Head Development Coach Tony Bushi said the athletes have a lot of fun, but it's a lot of work.

"Coming from somebody watching it these guys make it look so easy," said Tony Bushi, Head Development Coach.

"Crowd's watching, they cheer for us, everyone's watching," said Mac Bohomnon, Freestyle Aerial Skier.

"It's a lot more difficult than it seems," said Bushi.

It seems there's only one way to find out.

"You ready to jump today?” Bushi asked Carlson.

“Just a little," he replied.

Carlson jumped in with the bloggers from Ski Utah to see how difficult the aerial jumps actually are.

"I'm going try it, should I be nervous?” Carlson asked a child skier.

“Um a little," said Gavin Mayo, child skier.

"You don't really hurt yourself because it's water,” said another child skier.

Carlson suited up, and headed up the kiddie ramp.

When it was time to jump –

"Eyes up Brian!" yelled Bushi.

- his first run was a little rough.

"Keep your eyes up," said Bushi.

And so was the next one.

"You just gotta work on your hop turns," said Mayo.

“Do it again,” Carlson said.

“Sideways and then go like that,” Mayo said.

“Alright I'm good to go," said Carlson.

Reminded of the proper technique Carlson was up for the big one, and down he went.

"Eyes up!" Bushi yelled.

"Once I hit the flat, my vision rises up, and across the pool," said Bushi.

Alright, Carlson could do that. He may not be joining the team, but he said it was fun.

If you'd rather just watch the pros do it you can now do it on Saturday mornings, either way you'll have a flipping good time.

If you want to check out it yourself, the show starts Saturdays at 11:00 a.m. It also runs Sundays at 1:00 p.m.

Follow Brian Carlson on Twitter: @briancarlsontv

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