Firework artists plan for months to pull off Independence Day celebrations

- MURRAY, Utah- (ABC 4 Utah) – As the night fades all eyes will turn to the sky for the show that will cap our Independence Day celebrations.

From our perspective the show will go by in a flash, but preparations take hours and planning takes the entire year.

Chuck Johnson, President of Vortex Fireworks knows there's a lot more to it than the 25 minute explosion.

"Just the fireworks show itself takes hours and hours and hours just to set up, and then if you are designing the show it takes hours and hours and hours to design a show as well. If you are doing it to music that compounds it even more," said Johnson.

He says no effort is too great for the end result, a celebration the American way.

"Fireworks are quintessential to the 4th of July," said Johnson.

Just like most things these days the show is run electronically.

A three person crew will watch over the computers.

Fireworks Artist, Jeff Prime is one of them.

He puts in the work, but has to keep his eye on the ground.

"We miss the show, because our face is literally down on the board," said Prime.

That doesn't mean there isn't a payoff for pulling off the patriotic display.

"As artists we like to paint the sky and that's probably the biggest thing for me, is sending it up and once you hear the certain shells go off you hear everyone oohing and aahing and screaming as everything goes up," said Prime.

Then just like that it's time to clean up and start preparing for next year.

"We start right at the end of the fireworks season for the next year to make sure we're going to be on track," said Johnson.

Vortex Fireworks is putting on four shows Friday night in the Salt Lake Valley.

The one at Murray Park, West Jordan, Sugar House and Magna.

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