Fight to stop deportation in Utah County

- UTAH COUNTY, Utah (ABC 4 News) – Supporters from around the Salt Lake Valley are trying to stop the deportation of a 22-year-old woman who has been in the U.S. since she was 6.

Guzman’s supporters said she was coerced into signing an electronic document by Immigration and Customs Enforcement granting her deportation.

“They told it was for the release of her property and then after she signed [the document] they told her it was also for her deportation,” Raymi Gutierrez, a member of the Salt Lake Dream Team, said.

Guzman has gained the support of people from the Salt Lake Dream Team, United for Social Justice, Salt Lake Prison Divestment Campaign, Peaceful Uprising and the Federation of Mexican Clubs of Utah.

An online petition has over 2,000 signatures to stop the deportation.

Brenda Guzman is in Utah County Jail after she pled guilty to creating a fake social security number in an attempt to get a pay day loan. The loan company turned her into police.

Brenda’s family said she and her five children were facing eviction and she was left with no other option.

Court records state Guzman had a court appearance in February and March of 2013, but she failed to appear in court due each time. The court issued a warrant for her arrest.

Utah County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Guzman when she was being evicted from her home on March 20. She was set to be deported to Mexico April 4.

When asked why Guzman failed to appear in court for her hearings, her family had no comment.

A spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed Guzman was being held in a detention facility. He could not legally speak about Guzman’s case without her written permission.

Guzman’s supporters reached out to Congressman Jim Matheson and Congressman Jason Chaffetz. A spokesman for Matheson’s office said he was working with Chaffetz’s officials to inquire about Guzman’s deportation, but said they have no authority to stop a deportation.

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