Farmington couple growing family sole by sole

- FARMINGTON, Utah (ABC 4 News) – A Farmington couple is growing their family one sole at a time by collecting pairs of shoes to raise money for adoption.

Amanda Wilkinson and her husband have a history of infertility. Still, they miraculously brought four children into the world.

Tragedy struck the family two years ago when Wilkinson’s youngest son Bennett died in his sleep.

Wilkinson tried to conceive again with no luck. The family turned to adoption and started raising money through Laces for Love.

“I kind of saw it as the ultimate win-win situation of how we wanted to raise money for adoption,” she said.

Laces for Love collects gently used shoes and in turn, donates the shoes to third world countries.

Wilkinson started gathering shoes through her family and friends. Her efforts grew to include strangers and businesses.

“I would say in my garage right now I have 5,000 to 6,000 pairs of shoes,” she said.

Wilkinson’s goal is to collect 40,000 shoes. Laces for Love will pay 70 cents per pound of shoes donated.

“It's amazing when you have a worthy cause and people know your story how much they're willing to help out,” Wilkinson said.

She believes those people are her angels on Earth helping make her family’s dream of adoption come true.

“We also believe we have help in Heaven and our Bennett is on the front lines,” Wilkinson added.

Wilkinson will be collecting shoes until April 1. For more information on donating to the family, click here.

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