Families return to Alpine homes still cautious of fire

- ALPINE, Utah (ABC 4 News) – Evacuation orders were lifted Wednesday for approximately 150 homes in the Alpine area.

“I was so excited,” Wanda Oster said. “I’ve never appreciated my home so much in my life I don’t think.”

Homes east of Country Manor Lane remain under a mandatory evacuation.

Oster is not worried about her house, but other people chose to leave their belongings packed in their cars in the event officials re-issue evacuations.

Sharon Phelps-Perkins said her family had mementos and pictures boxed up. Her family of six left their home near the base of the mountain. Her family took their with dogs and horses with them.

“I feel relieved, but still very unsure because they may tell us to leave again,” Phelps-Perkins said.

The fire sparked back up Wednesday and headed toward homes.

Firefighters dug a trench near the base of the mountain to protect home and prevent flames from burning down into neighborhoods.

Maria Eliason said she is thankful for the firefighter’s efforts to save the homes in the area.

“We feel so grateful that they are here, especially on the Fourth of July,” Eliason said.

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