Fallout from Shurtleff-Swallow charges beginning

- SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) – A Utah attorney wants Marc Jenson out of jail.
It’s part of the fallout from the charges filed against former Attorneys General Mark Shurtleff and John Swallow.

Jenson was named in the charging documents. All along he claimed to be a victim in the alleged "pay to play" scheme prosecutors claim Shurtleff and Swallow were managing while in office.
His attorney says the charges seem to back his client’s statements.

“It's another confirmation that Mr. Jenson is telling the truth,” says Marcus Mumford.

Jensen remains locked up after being convicted of securities fraud, failing to pay restitution and is also waiting trial on new fraud charges.
Mumford has claimed Jensen was "shaken down" for money by Shurtleff when allegations first surfaced. He says when Jensen refused to pay he was prosecuted.
Jensen's attorney says he will file a motion to dismiss the case if Shurtleff and Swallow won't take the stand and answer questions about missing documents.

"If they can't defend their actions in court without revealing their own misconduct that's a significant development," says Mumford.

It's the same situation for another convicted felon.
Gary Fornia was convicted of fraud during the Shurtleff administration. But he claims through his attorney, Shurtleff tried to shake him down for money.

“My attorney would ask me to pay a little money to the attorney general's office,” says Fornia. “This attorney general can do business with you. He's wanting to do business. All it takes is a little money to grease the wheels.”

Fornia says he refused to pay and believes that's why he was prosecuted.
He claims he met with the FBI. But the charges against Shurtleff and Swallow never mention anything about Fornia.
His attorney Michael Bassett says he is reviewing the allegations made by Fornia and if there’s merit he’ll file motions to either set aside the verdict or reduce restitution.

As for Jensen, Mumford claims the case against him has turned dramatically and will head to court soon.

"You will see in the coming days efforts on our part to get Mr. Jenson released.

Attempts to reach Shurtleff’s attorney were unsuccessful.
On July 23, a judge will rule on Mumford’s motion to compel the former Attorneys General to testify in Jenson’s upcoming trial.

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