Eric Millerberg to serve 5-to-life for teen's death

- OGDEN Utah (ABC 4 Utah) Eric Millerberg apologizes but blamed others in the death of a 16 year old North Ogden girl.
Millerberg was convicted last month of causing the death of Alexis Rasmussen. A judge handed down consecutive sentences on all four counts, the most serious child abuse homicide for which he’ll serve five years to life.

“It's good to finally have a little bit of closure, a little bit of justice for Alexis,” says her mother Dawn Miera.
Prior to sentencing Millerberg apologized.

“I am really for what happened,” Millerberg told the judge.

But he also says he wasn’t totally responsible.

“He's been convicted of giving Lexi drugs and caused her death he disagrees he says the drugs she was given were not given by him rather by Dea,” says his attorney Randall Marshall.

Millerberg’s wife Dea, testified against Eric during the trial. She's facing lesser charges connected to the crime.

“He's doing the same thing as he's always done,” says Dawn Miera. “He's blaming somebody else. You can't learn if you constantly blame it on other people.”

As for his sentence, the judge ordered he serve consecutive sentences but at some point could be released in the far off future. He’ll serve five-to-life for child homicide, one-to-15 for obstruction of justice and two 0-to-life sentences.

“We're going to have to wait for the board of pardons to find out exactly how long he will serve,” says Miera. “When or if he will be up for parole.”

Millerberg showed no emotion during his sentence even when Alexis' mother became emotional speaking of her daughter. Afterwards Miera says her daughter’s death still haunts her.

“Just missing her every day,” she says. “Just being reminded of all the things she won't be there for.”

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