Draper man warns about a costly scam

DRAPER, Utah (ABC 4 Utah)- A Utah man foils a costly scam. It started with a legitimate online ad. But a few things didn’t add up.

Draper’s Rick Bennett was trying to sell his Baby Grand Piano. It’s a big ticket item that caught the eye of scammers.

“I started to get very suspicious emails from somebody who said I want to buy your piano, take the ad offline. They didn't negotiate price,” said Rick Bennett.

But Bennett says he received a check for five thousand dollars more than what he was asking for the piano. Bennett says he decided to call the number he was given from the supposed-buyer.

“Why would you be sending me a check for $11,800?” asked Bennett.

The person on the phone told Bennett to cash it and wire them the $5,000 extra back.

“It was on Adaptec which was out of Sunnyvale, California, but the tracking was sent out of southern California, but I received a call out of London,” said Bennett.

None of this added up to Bennett. So he called the Kansas City based company that supposedly issued the check. The company’s treasurer told him it was not legitimate.

“He had a couple dozen people call and ask if the checks were real,” said Bennett.

That company's legal counsel has since told ABC4 Utah News that they too are a victim of this scam. Their account numbers and business information were compromised and taken advantage of without them knowing it.

Bennett says he made one last call to the scammers to tell them the jig is up.

“They said the check is fraudulent and it wasn't cashed and the check is now in the hands of the FBI,” said Bennett.

Additional Resources:
The Federal Trade Commission’s website tells you exactly what to do if you’re being scammed and shows you some of the warning signs.

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