Dog Shot to Death in Backyard, Family Wants Answers

PARK CITY, Utah (ABC 4 UTAH)- A Summit County family needs your help after finding their dog shot to death in its own backyard.  It happened Monday afternoon.  Now, Summit County Animal Control and the Sheriff's Office join forces to figure out who did this and why.  

"He has been the sweetest dog," said dog owner Sherry Weaver.

The Weavers still have home video of Burley their black lab mix who they call the center of their family.  But on Monday, everything changed.

“So I opened up the door and I just saw him laying on the ground not moving,” said dog owner Tom Weaver.

Sometime between 4:15pm-5:30pm Monday afternoon, Burley went out in the backyard.  What happened in that time period still rocks the Weavers.

“He says your dog has been shot with a pellet gun multiple times and that just blew me away,” said Tom Weaver.

The x-rays from the veterinarian show four wounds to Burley’s body.  The vet suspects a pellet gun shot at Burley at close range.

“We have had animals shot with a dart gun but it's the first time a pellet gun or that caliber has been used,” said Summit County Animal Control’s Brian Bellamy.

The empty void of Burley won’t ever be filled for the Weavers.  Neither will his snow covered dog bowl.

I'm feeling really, really sad. And I'm feeling angry and I feel a little threatened that this could happen in our neighborhood,” said Sherry Weaver.

Both Summit County Animal Control and the Summit County Sheriff’s Office work to investigate this case.

“We're hoping to find out who did this and find out why so it doesn't happen again,” said Bellamy.

If you have any information about this incident, contact Summit County Animal Control at 435-615-3985.

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