Demolition begins for new Cottonwood Heights municipal complex

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, UTAH (ABC 4 UTAH) - Demolition has begun on 8 homes at the corner of 2300 E and Bengal Boulevard paving the way for a new municipal complex in Cottonwood Heights.

The building will be a one-story, 38,000 square foot building with all of the amenities for a community.

The city spent just under 4 million dollars acquiring the 8 properties. It will have nearly 5 acres and more room to expand if they want to.

"It is just exciting to just take a building and see the power of one of the machines take that first step and take the building down so we can start construction in the spring," says Councilmen Mike Peterson of Cottonwood Heights.

The brand new municipal complex will be finished by 2016.

"We haven't had our own city hall, justice system and all that and I think it is great," said resident Sarah Aguiler.

"One of the reasons we are building this city hall is because under our current paradigm, we can't do much for citizens. I mean we basically have offices," said Mayor of Cottonwood Heights Kelvyn Cullimore.

For 10-years Cottonwood Heights has been renting office space in a building off Fort Union Blvd. The city's administration, city council and police all packed into 3 floors.

"When we are done we will have a facility that is nice, we can be proud of and it's paid for. It will last 50-60-70-years," Mayor Cullimore added.

Saving tax payers money while making things easy on them by having one convenient area.

"We are all about our community and wanting to do the things that they want and we want to be a community that is focused on the right things," said Peterson.

Plus, it's a history lesson for children like Brandon Aguiler who are focused on the fun part.

"Just knocking down the houses," said Brandon Aguiler. "Just how the way [the homes] fall."

Now he can go back to his class and tell his teacher he saw a part of Cottonwood Heights History.

If you'd like to get involved the city is taking ideas on how the building should come out. It plans on finalizing all architectural plans next month.

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