Couple ties the knot near Rockport 5 Fire

- SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A newlywed couple in Summit County proved their love is strong come rain or shine, and fire or not, after they got married against the charred backdrop of the Rockport 5 Fire.

Tawni Sprouce donned a white wedding dress and turquoise boots to tie the knot on her big day.

She and groom Travis Mann were set to exchange vows at her parent’s Rockport Estates home on Saturday.

“Her parents have a beautiful place that overlooks the water around sunset time,” Mann said.

The couple’s plans went up in smoke when dry lightning sparked flames in the Rockport area on Tuesday. They thought everything was over, but the house was spared.

“It's been a blessing to be able to rescue the dress and the boots and the girl's clothes and to be able to still have the wedding and not have it postponed,” Sprouce said. “We kept hope that we could possibly get married at the house down the beautiful isle we created that took hours and blood, sweat and tears.”

However, flames forced them to find a new venue. Their alternative plan was a campsite wedding near the Rockport Dam with a view of the burned mountainside.

“Most of the decorations we were able to rescue last minute this morning to still have them at the campsite wedding,” she said.

Their wedding day may not be what they originally planned, but they’re grateful to be starting their life together in spite of the fire.

“We feel bad because [the fire] beat so many other people and on a great day for us it's terrible for others, but out of ashes comes the phoenix and we're just going to keep it going and make the most of it,” Mann added.

As of Saturday night evacuation orders remained in place for residents in Rockport Estates and Rockport Ranches.

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