Car burglars caught on camera in West Valley City

- WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A rash of car burglaries has homeowners in West Valley City and West Jordan on high alert as they try to identify the thieves.

Denise Saunders said her car was broken into Monday morning around 6:00 a.m. in the Sunset Hills subdivision near 6500 South and SR-111.

Surveillance cameras outside her home captured two men driving up to her house in a silver car. One man opened the unlocked door to her car and started going through her belongings. The other man used a flashlight to see what else they could steal.

The men took Saunders’s purse and left in under one minute.

“I was a little nervous that they would be that brazen to just come up and not look twice and not look around them,” Saunders said. “It was scary.”

West Valley Police said Saunders is not the only victim. A neighbor in the same subdivision reportedly had their car window broken and a binder stolen.

Saunders said the men took her debit card, checkbook, ID and social security card.

“I immediately called and canceled my card,” Saunders said.

She found out the men had already tried to use the debit card at a gas station down the street in West Jordan.

Coincidentally, a family friend of Saunders also had their car broken into the same morning.

The Richins family lives in the Cottonfield subdivision near New Bingham Highway and 6400 West.

Teenager Courtney Richins saw the men pull up outside her home Monday morning and then take off with a bunch of her mother’s belongings. The items were inside her mother’s unlocked car.

Courtney said after seeing the surveillance video from Saunder’s house she recognized the men in the video as the same men who stole from her mother’s car.

Her father, Nathan Richins, is passing out flyers in his subdivision to warn neighbors about the thieves.

The flyer has a description of the car the two men are believed to be driving. It is possibly a silver Hyundai sedan with custom rims.

West Valley City Police Sgt. Jason Hauer advised people to take any kind of valuables outside of their car and lock the doors.

“Take cell phones, purses, wallets and anything else that you value out of the vehicle with you,” he said.

He also said one of the biggest mistake people make is not locking their car, which leaves them as vulnerable targets to car burglars.

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