BYU bookstore removes same sex marriage greeting cards

- PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - A marriage card mix up at BYU is getting a lot of attention Wednesday night. The BYU bookstore was selling greeting cards celebrating same sex couples and had no idea it was doing it.

When it comes to celebrating same sex marriage, Brigham Young University, owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, may not be first place you'd think would send out its congratulations, but greeting cards geared towards two grooms and two brides were sitting on a campus bookstore shelf. BYU didn't even know they were there until someone took a picture of the cards, posted it on a BYU reddit discussion board, and then got passed around on Twitter.

BYU responded to one tweet saying –

"Thanks for letting us know! Hallmark stocks the shelves and sometimes they get by us," @BYUstore tweeted.

It immediately removed the cards from the shelves.

Now, the marriage card mix up is going viral. ABC 4 Utah posted the story on our Facebook page and thousands of people are clicking on it and commenting.

Sarah Dawn Underwood: "Doesn't surprise me from BYU."

A.a. Ron: "discrimination, at its finest."

Rachel Paulsen Baker: "I support gay marriage 100%! And I find it silly that greeting cards were such a big deal and that they were removed. But BYU has the right to take them off the shelves.”

Cee Resendiz: "Just because "change is going to happen" doesn't mean that everyone else has to conform to the changes of society or change their beliefs because of it. BYU has and always will be a school based on the foundation of the LDS church."

From what ABC 4 Utah is told BYU spoke to Hallmark to stop similar cards from getting stocked on the bookstore shelves. So, the next time you look, they won't be there.

This isn't the first time BYU sold something on campus, you normally wouldn't expect. Last fall several campus vending machines were accidentally filled with caffeinated drinks.

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